Transformed Hearts and Habits of Disciple-Making Leaders

To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world the leaders, pastors, and churches in the Potomac Highlands District will need to be transformed in heart and habit by the Holy Spirit.

Leaders and congregations who have a heart for the souls of people, reflecting the love of God revealed in Christ, make disciples. Leaders and congregations with hearts for the souls of people pray for their neighbors, pray for the least, the last, the lost, and the lonely.

Leaders, lay and clergy, who energetically help congregations reach out to, invite, welcome, and follow up with potential disciples, indeed, make disciples. All of these elements add up to a ministry of HOSPITALITY.

Lives are transformed when leaders, lay and clergy, provide contexts where folks are OFFERED a relationship with God, through Christ; contexts where folks can place their faith in Christ.

When leaders, clergy and laity, come along side of new disciples and help them to serve, to pray, to learn the scriptures, to be fed at the Table of Holy Communion, to fast, and to be in fellowship with other disciples, discipleship is deepened and people find their God-given PURPOSE.

When leaders, lay and clergy, enthusiastically EXPECT missional involvement and generous stewardship of time, talent, and treasure from members/disciples the world is transformed.

When leaders, lay and clergy, work at transforming conflict through Spirit-inspired biblical principles, congregations, and the witness of those congregations to the community, can be transformed.

When the goal of leaders and churches becomes sending disciples into ministry we make full-blown disciples of Jesus Christ.

Making disciples that transform the world requires leaders who, themselves, have transformed hearts and habits.


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